Explosives Expert

Working with explosives is a risky enterprise so when explosives will be used the person in charge must have detailed knowledge about how they work how they should be transported and what safety precautions are required. The website www.wisegeek.com says that explosives experts are usually in charge of selecting the site where explosives will be placed and later detonated and they must be experts in setting up the equipment that will be needed for the blast. They are also responsible for choosing the type of explosive materials and techniques that will work most efficiently and safely for the purpose at hand. Explosive experts must remain calm under the stress that is typical when explosives are used. They and others working nearby must wear protective clothing and headgear. Most explosive experts work for the military for the mining industry or for construction companies. In the military they may work on setting off explosives in wartime operations but civilian explosives experts usually work on projects such as demolishing structures or setting off blasts to displace earth or rock. However some work in more glamorous settings such as television and movie production sets. Explosive experts can also work with scientists conducting research on new types of explosives and how best to set them off. There are various paths to becoming an explosive expert. Many individuals get their training in the military. Others obtain training through technical colleges or explosives academies where they take courses in demolition. In some industries employees get on-the-job training in how to a specific type of explosive. Explosive experts often start out working as an apprentice to someone with experience. According to the website www.simplyhired.com earnings for explosive experts depend on location employer and experience. On average explosive experts earn approximately $71000 a year.

Education Required: High School Diploma and Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $71000
High Salary: $91000
Low Salary: $51000
Tasks: Analyzes explosives.
Chooses blasting techniques for specific projects.
Tests new explosives products.
Determines safety precautions to employ before blasts occur.
Also Called: Demolition Expert
Bomb Expert
Structural Demolition Expert
Additional Resources: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-does-an-explosives-expert-do.htm