Criminal Research Specialist

Criminal research specialists are important members of local law enforcement agencies but they most commonly work for the Federal government – including the Transportation Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security. They are experts at using computer technology in conjunction with their ability to analyze information gathered through research. They use their analytical skills to determine which criminal investigations should be pursued.

Criminal research specialists work on behalf of all types of industries including those related to fraud within financial institutions and telecommunications companies and illegal importation and exportation of goods.

According to criminal research specialists must have excellent vision and be able to pass drug medical and background screenings. Additionally they are often responsible for working long hours and traveling frequently. Their travels can take them long distances and they must often leave town without much notice.

The website states that a bachelor's degree is always required for this profession but some specific jobs require a master's degree. Because most criminal research specialists are employed by the Federal government most job advancement is based on promotion from lower level positions.

The essential skills for success as a criminal research specialist include a strong ability to collect pertinent data the ability to correctly and precisely analyze data the ability to evaluate and compile raw data into usable information and the ability to present findings through briefings and written reports. While salaries for this job vary by experience and location the annual range is usually between $47000 and $106000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $76500
High Salary: $106000
Low Salary: $47000
Tasks: Investigates illegal activities.
Assists with cases as part of an investigative team.
Writes and delivers briefings related to specific cases.
Works with the Department of Homeland Security.
Also Called: Criminal Investigator
Special Agent
Criminal Analyst
Law Enforcement Agent
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