Criminal Case Manager

Criminal case managers work with convicted criminals who have recently been released from prison. Their goal is to assist them in adjusting to life in public after their period of incarceration has ended. Criminal case managers work to ensure that their clients do not use their newly found freedom to immediately turn around and commit additional crimes. However they also have other goals for their clients such as helping them to stay off drugs attempting to help them find jobs and trying to prevent them from being homeless.

According to the website criminal case managers often team with organizations that offer transitional services to released criminals. Representatives from these organizations in conjunction with criminal case managers attempt to monitor supervise and provide assistance to the released criminals who need the most help.

Criminal case managers evaluate each assigned client to determine the level of assistance that is needed. In addition to helping their clients find the best possible social services available to them they also become advocates for their clients as they attempt to help them adjust to life outside of prison. Parole and probation officers often work together with criminal case managers to ensure that their clients are rehabilitated and introduced back into society in the most reasonable manner possible. In order to succeed in this profession it is absolutely essential to feel comfortable working directly with prison inmates and those who have just been released from prison.

The website states that criminal case managers typically earn between $45910 and $78000 per year. A minimum of a bachelor's degree is required for this profession and many criminal case managers have master's degrees or PhDs.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $61955
High Salary: $78000
Low Salary: $45910
Tasks: Coordinates transitional services for released criminals.
Monitors clients
Helps to rehabilitate clients.
Provides encouragement to clients after being reintroduced into the public.
Also Called: Correctional Case Manager
Criminal Treatment Specialist
Criminal Case Advisor
Correctional Case Worker
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