Correctional Officer

Correctional service officers sometimes called detention officers are in charge of jailed inmates. They perform tasks such as admitting and processing new inmates and maintaining the security and accountability of all inmates. They are responsible for quelling any kind of disturbance altercation or escape and they make sure that inmates follow the rules and regulations of the institution. They give inmates their work assignments and write regular reports on each one. In addition they inspect all visitors and mail received by the inmates.

Even though correctional service officers have ready access to devices to call for help this is still a stressful and hazardous job because there can be confrontations with inmates that result in injuries. Most correctional service officers work in city or county jails but some are in the federal prison system.

The website says that they must be 21 years of age and have a high school diploma or the equivalent. However federal prison jobs require a bachelor's degree as well as some managerial or counseling experience. Local and state prisons prefer applicants with some college work but in some cases experience is an acceptable alternative. Federal and some local and state prisons train entry-level correctional service officers after which they might work under the supervision of a more experienced officer.

According to the website job prospects should be favorable and the median salary earned by correctional service officers overall is approximately $39000. However in federal facilities the median is $51000 in state facilities it is $39000 and in local facilities it is $38000. Those who have supervisorymanagerial positions in the prison have a median salary of approximately $58000.

In addition to salaries correctional officers in public facilities are usually supplied with uniforms and they receive retirement benefits.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $48000
High Salary: $58000
Low Salary: $38000
Tasks: Oversees jailed inmates.
Responds to disturbances.
Writes reports on inmates.
Ensures that inmates follow jail rules.
Also Called: Police Officer
Prison Guard
Law Enforcement Officer
Security Guard
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