Background Investigator

When employers screen job applicants they often want to find out more about the applicant than what is presented on his or her resume. Job applicants' resumes are not always as complete and unfortunately they may be hiding facts that are of the utmost importance to a potential employer. Making sure of a job applicant's honesty integrity and reliability can be especially important when the job involves security issues.

To this end background investigators fulfill an important role- checking job applicants' immigration status verifying the accuracy of their social security numbers and educational credentials checking employment background (often by contacting former employers) and checking to see if they have any criminal history and in some cases checking their credit history.

The website says that background investigators need a bachelor's degree with a major in a subject such as public administration or psychology. They usually have experience doing investigations and they must familiar with federal employment laws. Individuals who want to pursue this profession should be analytical and detail-oriented and they should be comfortable working with computer data bases.

In addition background investigators should be able to keep in touch with credit bureaus and law enforcement bureaus and they must have excellent writing skills because they usually have to summarize their findings in a written report. Other than communicating with those who employ them they are expected to maintain the confidentiality of all information they find. With regard to income those working in the private sector generally earn between $40000 and $65000 a year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $52500
High Salary: $65000
Low Salary: $40000
Tasks: Runs credit checks.
Verifies employment.
Checks criminal records.
Determines educational credentials.
Also Called: Private Investigator
Criminal Background Investigator
Background Researcher
Background Verifier
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