Air Weapons Control Officer

Air weapons control officers are in charge of advising commanders at all levels on the appropriate use of weapons. They counsel staff in how to develop and monitor unit training programs with regard to both tactical employment and preventive maintenance of the units weapons. They are responsible for the annual re-qualification programs of units and they oversee the acquisition of weapon systems and track their potential and actual use.

Their job description includes the operation of communications detection and weapons systems essential for controlling air operations. They formulate emergency plans and coordinate emergency response teams when there are natural and wartime disasters. They also manage the operation of surveillance and detection systems and provide technical advice on operational readiness and capabilities.  Research degrees in this field.

In addition they are experts in how computer systems are used in these capacities. Air weapons control officers must have minimum scores on certain competency exams administered by the government. According many variables the affect military pay which is based on grade rank and years of service. Also some live in free on-base government housing and others live off-base and receive a housing allowance which can affect a total pay package. Annual salaries range from a low of approximately $49000 to well over $100000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $74500
High Salary: $100000
Low Salary: $49000
Tasks: Advises on the appropriate use of weapons.
Counsels staff in how to develop and monitor unit training programs.
Oversees the acquisition of weapon system.
Formulates emergency plan.
Also Called: Military Commander
Air Force Officer
Military Leader
Military Advisor
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