Weavers fall into two categories First those who work in factories or shops that manufacture fabrics on a large-scale mass-produced basis and second those who weave individualized pieces with an artistic eye to design. Weavers in the first category assist in the manufacture of machine-made textiles using mechanized equipment. Weavers in the second category are artisans who generally work in design studios or smaller shops that specialize in unique pieces some of which may be commissioned. They usually assist in the design of each piece and selection of the colors to be used. They weave the dyed threads into fabric pieces using mechanical or manual looms. Weavers usually take post-secondary courses in weaving art and textile and clothing design and chemical techniques for dying threads that will be used to create fabrics. Typically weavers serve in apprenticeships assisting weavers that are more experienced and established in the design world. If their goal is to open their own shop eventually they will need a basic business background in addition to well-honed skills in weaving and artistic design. Some weavers eventually teach weaving to others or even write books about their art. Weaving can be a calming activity but it requires attention to detail and concentration. The website pagerankstudio.com says that annual earnings for weavers employed in the textile industry depend on the employer but range from approximately $23000 to $30000. The earnings of weavers in the artistic category who work on unique pieces mostly by hand will depend upon their talent and marketing skills and the price their work commands. All but the most established and talented artisans have other jobs to pay the bills and do their weaving on a part-time basis.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $26350
High Salary: $29500
Low Salary: $23200
Tasks: Operates weaving machines.
Sets up equipment and adjusts settings.
Watches for flaws in produced material.
Refills machines with yarn.
Also Called: Textile Manufacturer
Fabric Weaver
Fabric Weaver
Weaving Machine Operator
Additional Resources: http://pagerankstudio.com/Blog/2010/09/textile-manufacturing-worker-job-description-education-and-training-requirements-career-salary-employment-%E2%80%93-definition-and-nature-work-textile-manufacturing-workers/