In society time is of the essence and watches that tell accurate time are an essential part of most people’s lives. Watchmakers who are sometimes called “watch repairers” know how to clean and service both mechanical and quartz watches. The website says that watchmakers use special electrical equipment to test quartz watches which are run on batteries in order to determine if the watch will run accurately when the battery is replaced or whether further repairs are necessary. For mechanical watches tools such as pliers are used to take the watch apart and evaluate what might need cleaning or replacement. Watchmakers use magnifying glasses so they can see very small parts. According to the website most watchmakers have a high school diploma and many attend vocational school to take courses in how to repair watches. The watch repair programs offered by these schools can take from one to three years and include training in how to diagnose and repair various types of watch problems as well as practice in how to use machines and tools intended for this purpose. Aspiring watchmakers take exams on their skills and knowledge to become certified by the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute. Depending on their level of demonstrated expertise watchmakers can earn the title of Watch Technician Certified Watchmaker Certified Master Watchmaker and so on. In some states watchmakers are required to be licensed by passing an exam. Watchmakers are employed by jewelers or by companies that manufacture or sell watches wholesale. After sufficient experience some start their own small businesses. The website reports that annual salaries for watchmakers range from approximately $38000 to $58100.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $48036.5
High Salary: $58062
Low Salary: $38011
Tasks: Uses tools to fix the mechanisms on watches.
Replaces broken watch parts.
Cleans and oils watches.
Answers customers' questions about watches.
Also Called: Jeweler
Watch Repairperson
Watch Designer
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