Upholsterers are employed in the furnishing industry. They perform skilled work building restoring and repairing furniture items as well as automobile and aircraft interiors by adding the padding foam springs fabric and leather which they fit to frames and then glue or staple in place. They need skills in mathematics because they must be able to lay out the materials they will use to determine how much is needed and what size the pieces should be. In addition they need excellent manual dexterity because they use sharp hand and power tools to cut materials to precise measurements and fit them properly onto frames. They also need physical strength because they may have to lift position balance or move the items on which they are working. For an upholsterer career individuals need a diploma from a high school or vocational school as well as experience which they generally obtain by assisting experienced upholsterers for a period of up to three years or by working in a factory or an established shop that produces upholstered items. Those who work on high-end furniture often get training in interior design and are especially knowledgeable about the characteristics of various fabrics. Employment for upholsterers may be declining because of new technologies that automate the tasks typically performed by upholsterers. The website www.mypursuit.com says that salaries for upholsterers depend upon geographic location but the average annual pay ranges from approximately $26500 to approximately $52000. Those belonging to unions generally earn higher wages than those who work on their own.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $39306.5
High Salary: $52133
Low Salary: $26480
Tasks: Lays out and cuts material.
Makes, fixes and restores furniture.
Assists customers in selecting fabric.
Uses various types of hand tools and staplers.
Also Called: Furniture Designer
Furniture Restorer
Furniture Repairer
Furniture Material Installer
Additional Resources: http://www.mypursuit.com/careers-51-6093.00/Upholsterer.html