Toy Designer

Toy designers are professionals who love toys and can relate to what children and adults will find fun and appealing. Toy designers who are sometimes called “toy production designers” usually work for companies that design andor manufacture toys. However some work independently and then market their ideas to manufacturing companies. Toy designers often have a background in engineering or mathematics because toys have numerous parts that must fit together properly. Also technical expertise is needed to ensure that toys meet safety standards. Some toy designers have degrees in architecture art and design which can be useful in helping them develop innovative and appealing toys and games that will capture the imagination of consumers. According to the website toy designers should have some background in graphic arts as well as good mechanical ability so that they can sketch ideas and create models. Also they must be comfortable with using computer programs to generate designs. Successful toy designers are usually able to observe how children play and create new or modified toys and games that they will want to purchase. Toy designers should also be able to determine how much it will cost to produce a particular toy as well as to estimate its retail price. The website says that toy designers earn an average annual salary of approximately $59000 although experienced toy designers can make much more. The most marketable toy designers are those able to work on different types of toys intended for a broad age range of consumers as opposed to specializing in one type of toy intended for a specific age group.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $59000
High Salary: $69000
Low Salary: $49000
Tasks: Conducts focus groups with children and parents.
Designs models of potential toys.
Works with toy manufacturers.
Figures out how to mass produce and market toys.
Also Called: Toy Engineer
Toy Developer
Toy Inventor
Toy Creator
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