Tailors who are sometimes called "custom sewers" alter clothing to fit their customers and they may also repair or patch clothing that is ripped or torn. They start by pinning hems and seams after which the customer tries on the garment to see whether additional adjustments are needed before the tailor does the stitching. Some tailors fashion clothing from scratch according to a customer's specifications and measurements. The customer may supply the material and the tailor works either from a ready-made pattern or from a pattern heshe devises making whatever modifications are necessary to insure the final product will fit the customer to his or her satisfaction. Tailors who work on women's clothing are sometimes called dressmakers. Tailors work in tailoring shops dry cleaning shops and clothing stores but some are self-employed and may work in their homes. Tailors may specialize in one type of garment such as men's suits or women's wedding gowns. Tailors usually have high school degrees or the equivalent and some take courses at community colleges or vocational schools where they learn about fabrics and garment construction. For the most part however tailoring is a skill developed over time with experience and observation of others more experienced. Talented tailors will always be needed to work in upscale clothing stores and for customers who willingly pay to have their clothing fit perfectly. Tailors sometimes find positions working for clothing designers who need expert sewers to execute the patterns they design. According to the website www.payscale.com the hourly wage for tailors with less than four years of experience ranges from $8.18 to $12.10. However those with a decade or more of experience earn between $9.94 and $15.50 an hour.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $24627
High Salary: $32240
Low Salary: $17014
Tasks: Alters clothing.
Hems or adjusts the seams of a garment.
Repairs torn or ripped clothing.
Creates custom outfits.
Also Called: Custom Sewer
Clothing Maker
Additional Resources: http://careers.stateuniversity.com/pages/325/Custom-Tailor-Dressmaker.html