Stringed Instrument Maker

Stringed instrument makers are responsible for making new stringed instruments andor repairing broken or old stringed instruments. Examples of stringed instruments with which stringed instrument makers work included violins guitars violas harps and mandolins. This profession is often referred to as a “bowed string instrument maker.” In order for stringed instrument makers to fabricate a new instrument they select wood that has the proper grain weight and quality. They use templates for the various parts that are needed for the instrument which they then cut out using hand tools. Then they glue the parts in place using clamps when necessary. Final steps are adding the strings and checking to make sure the instruments generate the correct sounds. They may have to make modifications and adjustments to achieve the desired tonal quality. In addition to building new instruments from scratch stringed instrument makers also repair damaged instruments and restore old instruments that have not been in use for a while. Some string instrument makers are self-employed and work in their own shops and others are employed by stringed instrument manufacturing companies. According to the website stringed instrument makers are responsible for providing customers with estimates as to how much it will cost to build a new instrument or how much it will cost to repair an old or broken one. Additionally they must keep an adequate supply of materials on-hand and know how and where to order unique pieces or supplies that may be needed. The education required for a stringed instrument maker is normally a high school diploma or the equivalent and many years of experience working as an assistant to a professional in this field. The website reports that the average annual salary that stringed instrument makers earn is approximately $36000.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $35908
High Salary: $40908
Low Salary: $30908
Tasks: Sketches the design of new musical instruments.
Cuts and shapes musical instrument parts.
Obtains the correct materials to fabricate an instrument.
Restores or repairs broken and old instruments.
Also Called: Luthier
Musical Instrument Manufacturer
Stringed Instrument Restorer
Musical Instrument Fabricator
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