Silversmiths design and create jewelry out of silver. Additionally they may work on fashioning flatware pots and bowls and items such as badges and trophies. Paul Revere and Charles Tiffany are among the best known silversmiths. The work of a silversmith calls for skills in hammering and shaping silver and heating it just enough to make it sufficiently malleable so that it eventually conforms to a specified shape. In the process silversmiths often have to solder parts together and when silver is too soft to be used by itself they may have to mix it with other metals such as brass pewter copper or even gold. Silversmithing requires knowledge of both science and art. They must be familiar with the characteristics of silver what designs are best suited for this metal and when it is best mixed with another metal to add strength. In sculpting items they must have an artistic sense. Not only do they fashion items from scratch but they also clean and repair objects that are made out of silver. The website says that in 1989 a national organization the Society of American Silversmiths (SAS) was formed with the express purpose of preserving the standards of this profession. To become members silversmiths must submit samples in the hopes that the skills and design indicated by their work will be approved by a jury of SAS members. The website says that silversmiths usually have a high school diploma or the equivalent. In addition they need at least two years of experience working under supervision or through an apprenticeship where they learn about standard practices in the silversmithing field. The median annual salary for this profession is approximately $35000.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Apprenticeship
Avg Salary: $35905
High Salary: $40905
Low Salary: $30905
Tasks: Designs new silver products.
Performs repair work on items made of silver.
Cleans and restores silver products.
Adds decorations to newly created silver pieces or jewelry.
Also Called: Metalworker
Jewelry Designer
Silver Jewelry Maker
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