Platers work in the construction and manufacturing industries. They are trained to read blueprints and drawings of projects so that they can plan and complete the fitting together of metal “plates” that are used as supports for both large and small products and structures. Platers work on large-scale construction projects and they are also responsible for fitting together metal pieces used to create various types of machinery and products. Some of the most typical industries that utilize the expertise of platers besides the construction industry are manufacturers that produce automobiles large farming equipment and medical equipment. Besides having the skills needed to combine pieces of metal together platers also must know how to operate the machinery that cuts the metal into the correct shapes. Platers are knowledgeable about different types of metal and they know which metals will work best for producing different products. Additionally they are experienced in coating pieces of metal with various types of plating materials such as paint varnish gold and silver. Because platers work with heavy machinery and large pieces of metal it is essential that they be in excellent physical shape. This career can be physically challenging and therefore requires the ability to withstand loud hot and sometimes cramped working conditions. Because platers are often responsible for a specific portion of a construction or manufacturing project they usually must work on a deadline. However their work weeks are generally 40 hours and work is completed both indoors and outdoors depending on the project. Most employers prefer that their platers have a minimum of a high school diploma or the equivalent and most skills for this job are learned through an apprenticeship program. Apprentices usually earn a salary equal to about half of what official platers make. The website lists the average annual income for a plater between $23338 and $31527.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Apprenticeship
Avg Salary: $27432.5
High Salary: $31527
Low Salary: $23338
Tasks: Assembles and fits metal sections of buildings or other structures.
Operates metal working machines.
Chooses proper materials for specific projects.
Uses welding equipment to join plates of metal together.
Also Called: Welder
Plating Machine Operator
Coating Machine Operator
Metal Coater
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