Painter – Aircraft

It takes special training and skills to be an aircraft painter. Paining a vehicle as large as an airplane is not as simple as painting a house or even a large automobile. An aircraft painter is considered to be an industrial painter and a high level of skill with using industrial paint sprayers is essential for this profession. There is no specific educational requirement for a job as an aircraft painter but the website lists out the specific steps that must be taken in order to be hired for this type of job. First an aspiring aircraft painter must learn the basics of painting a vehicle as large as an airplane. This involves knowing how to prepare the surface for paint how to mix and match colors so they will look good on a large scale how to mask and tape particular areas so that details and designs can be added and how to follow the safety procedures involved with painting aircraft. Second the website recommends that aircraft painters complete an apprenticeship program before applying for a permanent job. Third a mastered skill at utilizing an industrial paint sprayer must be achieved. Fourth potential aircraft painters must be able to read and understand aircraft blueprints so that areas not designated for paint will not get painted. Fifth the correct technique for removing old paint and preparing the aircraft surface must be mastered. Finally it’s essential that aircraft painters learn how to follow strict Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) guidelines so that federal standards are met. According to the website an aircraft painter earns a yearly salary of approximately $37145 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Apprenticeship
Avg Salary: $37145
High Salary: $42145
Low Salary: $32145
Tasks: Prepares surface for painting.
Mixes painting materials.
Applies primer to the aircraft.
Paints details and designs.
Also Called: Industrial Painter
Transportation Equipment Painter
FAA Painter
Airplane Painter
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