The largest employers of millwrights who are sometimes called “machinists” are industrial plants and construction companies that utilize heavy machinery. Millwrights are experts at moving adjusting installing assembling and disassembling heavy machinery that is used to produce consumer goods power or construction-related projects. It is essential that a millwright is experienced in using all types of hand and power tools because they handle such tools on a daily basis. The day to day job of a millwright usually consists of moving pieces of machinery from one place to another and also conducting routine maintenance repairs or adjustments on the machinery. Also when machinery must be moved assembled or disassembled a millwright takes charge of those duties. Depending on the size of the employer millwrights may be hired to complete specific and specialized jobs such as moving and installing machinery or machinery maintenance. The largest two employers of millwrights are manufacturing companies and power plants. However most millwrights belong to a labor union which usually helps them find jobs. According to labor unions also usually offer apprenticeship programs which can help aspiring millwrights gain practical experience that is needed to help obtain their first job. According to most employers require that millwrights have a minimum of a high school diploma and certification is sometimes but not always required. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the average hourly wage for a millwright between $22.87 and $24.04 per hour which equates to $34632 to $50003 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $42317.5
High Salary: $50003
Low Salary: $34632
Tasks: Assembles and maintains machines.
Uses many types of tools to maintain and fix machines.
Performs routine maintenance inspections.
Moves and installs heavy machinery.
Also Called: Machinery Installer
Machinery Assembler
Machine Technician
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