Metal Arts Worker

Metal arts workers are employed by a number of industries including manufacturing construction roofing and heating and ventilation. However some metal arts workers are self-employed and produce custom products or artwork made from metal per the specific requests of their customers. Some metal arts workers are required to read blueprints and produce products based on the design specifications. Sometimes computer programs can help measure and cut the metal but manual knowledge and ability is also necessary. Metal is normally welded or nailed in place so skills with welding and soldering equipment is essential. Depending on their specific assignment metal arts workers must be able to visualize the final product and know which tools and equipment to use to produce it. Some metal arts workers work in a shop that requires metal products or pieces to be mass produced. However other metal arts workers are charged with designing and delivering unique pieces. Depending on the professional desire of a metal arts worker a career producing many of the same types of products or a career creating custom products can be chosen. The educational path for a metal arts worker usually begins at the high school level. Not only are shop classes helpful but a high level of knowledge in subjects such as math geometry and mechanical drawing are beneficial. After high school aspiring metal arts workers may choose to enroll in a vocational or technical program an apprenticeship program or they may accept a lower-level position and learn most of their skills through on-the-job training. The website lists the average yearly salary for a metal arts worker at $37000.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $37000
High Salary: $39000
Low Salary: $35000
Tasks: Uses metal to create various products.
Uses welding equipment to complete a project.
Has knowledge of design techniques using metal.
Cuts and bends metal into desired shapes.
Also Called: Structural Metal Fabricator
Metal Worker
Metal Artist
Precision Metal Worker
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