Locksmiths are knowledgeable about various techniques for installing repairing and servicing both mechanical locks and electronic locking systems. The website www.thejobexplorer.com says that the tasks locksmiths perform also include changing the combinations or actually rebuilding the locks on safes installing panic hardware on doors opening locks when there is no key or the combination is unknown cutting new or duplicate keys knowing how to use tools that open car doors when people have locked their keys in the car and in some cases maintaining master key boxes so that maintenance personnel can access various areas of a building or campus. Locksmiths must be capable of preparing estimates for both labor and materials for their customers. Sometimes they maintain confidential customer records regarding duplicate keys and security codes. In many cases and they must be able to explain to customers how to use locks or security systems. Many locksmiths have their own shops but according to www.ehow.com they also work at hotels casinos schools hospitals government facilities and for residential and commercial property management companies. Aspiring locksmiths need a high school diploma or the equivalent and they must have good math and mechanical skills. Typically they learn through on-the-job training often serving as apprentices for up to 12 months. However locksmithing courses are available at many vocational and technical schools. Before hiring a new locksmith potential employers screen them for any criminal background. The employment outlook for locksmiths is good because more people want security devices for their homes and businesses. According the website www.ehow.com locksmiths earn an average base salary of approximately $42245 a year.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $42245
High Salary: $52245
Low Salary: $32245
Tasks: Repairs broken locks.
Makes duplicate keys.
Re-keys locks.
Opens locks when keys are missing.
Also Called: Keyer
Key Maker
Lock Repairer
Lock Installer
Additional Resources: http://www.thejobexplorer.com/Job_Description/Locksmith.html