Leather Worker

Leather workers or “leather makers” construct decorate or repair shoes belts purses saddles luggage and other leather goods. This is a skilled occupation and leather workers must pay careful attention to detail and must be accurate when they measure and cut the leather they are using. In some jobs leather workers can be creative when designing decorative emblems stitching or other details used for leather products. The website www.apparelsearch.com says that many leather workers are employed in shoe manufacturing where they operate machines that do specialized cutting and finishing. They may also work on the manufacturing of belts and other leather accessories. In addition to cutting the leather they sew the pieces together after which they dye and polish the finished item. When making luggage they attach leather to a frame attach handles and hardware and insert and fasten a lining and then they sew or stamp designs on the outside of the finished item. Some leather workers are in the personal services business in which they repair leather products or design custom leather items for customers that want a unique item or must have items such as shoes to be specially designed or modified because of foot problems. Leather workers handle various types of leather including cowhide nubuck chamois and suede and some also work with and repair items made out of plastic and canvas. Some leather workers have their own shops in which case they must have good business and communication skills that are needed to develop a customer base. The website www.simplyhired.com reports that leather maker jobs earn an average annual salary of $19000 but salaries can vary depending on company industry location skill and experience.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $19000
High Salary: $20000
Low Salary: $18000
Tasks: Uses traditional leather working tools.
Measures and cuts leather sections.
Uses a machine or stitches leather by hand.
Applies wax and polish to finished products.
Also Called: Shoe Worker
Leather Crafter
Leather Maker
Leather Designer
Additional Resources: http://www.apparelsearch.com/Employment/Job_Descriptions/Shoe_and_leather_worker.htm