Most buildings and structures that require a roof a ceiling or walls could not be completed without the expertise and work of a lather. A lather is a construction worker who uses a substance called “lath” on structural framework so that plaster tiles insulation or other finishing materials can be held in place. According to the website lathers have been helping complete construction projects for centuries but the current day methods did not become popular until approximately 200 years ago. Lathers generally specialize in one or more types of lath and are therefore often referred to as either “metal lathers” or “gypsum lathers.” Lathers use various types of construction-related tools such as drills hammers saws cutters and scrapers to complete their jobs and they often must climb ladders or work from scaffolding. The main objective of a lather is to cover the framework of a structure but the process requires an acquired skill and ability to cut position and fasten materials properly. In order to work as a lather most construction companies require a high school diploma or a GED and they also require a certain level of math aptitude because lathers often have to take measurements prior to completing their work. Many skills can be achieved through on-the-job training or through and apprenticeship. The website lists the average salary for a lather at $16.36 per hour which equates to $34028 per year. Most lathers work a typical 40 hour week during normal business hours.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $39925
High Salary: $58320
Low Salary: $21530
Tasks: Works in the construction industry.
Prepares surfaces for plastering.
Builds metal frameworks.
Attaches lath and cuts holes for electrical outlets and plumbing.
Also Called: Construction Worker
Dry Waller
Gypsum Installer
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