Key Cutter

Key cutters are sometimes referred to as “keysmiths” or “key workers.” They are experts at running and maintaining the machinery that cuts keys. The machine that they most commonly use is called a key-duplicating machine. The machine takes a blank key and makes identical duplicates of original keys. Key cutters are responsible for getting the original key into the correct position within the key cutting machine and then operating the machine to produce exact duplicates which will work correctly in the locks for which they are intended to be used. The profession of key cutting is facing competition with the development of automated machines in hardware stores which do not require an experienced key cutter to operate. However key cutters are in demand when it comes to the need for duplicates of complicated keys and for duplicating keys for customers who do not want to use self-serve machines. Also in cases where original keys are not available or are lost key cutters are needed to create keys to fit specific locks. The website says that key cutters not only use key cutting machines to make keys but they also work on newly cut keys to smooth the surface and make sure there are no rough edges. In order to enter the key cutting profession most employers prefer a high school education and also an interest in working with metal and machinery. The average yearly salary for key cutters is $30690.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $30690
High Salary: $35690
Low Salary: $25690
Tasks: Makes duplicates of original keys.
Operates key cutting machines.
Replaces worn parts of key cutting equipment.
Polishes and sands rough edges of completed keys.
Also Called: Locksmith
Key Maker
Key Smith
Key Worker
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