Industrial Sewing Worker

Industrial sewing workers usually work in industrial settings such as factories and use large sewing machines to complete their job tasks. Large or “industrial” sized sewing machines are designed so that workers can produce many duplicates of the same exact item which are packaged and shipped to be sold in stores across the nation or world. Industrial sewing workers produce both garment and non-garment goods and they also affix accessories embellishments buttons or other decorations onto the items they are constructing. The website reports that a requirement for this job is the ability to complete monotonous tasks over and over again. Additionally this job requires workers to be in sitting positions for extended periods of time. Some industrial sewing workers are hired to fix items that are in need of repair but the majority of workers are hired to create new items in mass quantities. lists some of the job duties of an industrial sewing worker as adjusting sewing machines so they produce the correct stitch cutting materials prior to sewing them replacing empty spools of thread and evaluating finished products to ensure they meet quality standards. Industrial sewing workers do not normally have educational requirements for their jobs but most employers prefer individuals who have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED. Training for workers is usually completed on-the-job and those who have a high level of experience may be able to advance into management or supervisory positions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average yearly salary for an industrial sewing worker is between $15990 and $31510.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $23750
High Salary: $31510
Low Salary: $15990
Tasks: Stitches together clothing or non-garment materials.
Works in a factory setting.
Monitors stitching for defects.
Replaces broken needles or attachments on sewing machines.
Also Called: Sewing Machine Operator
Factory Worker
Sewing Machine Stitcher
Factory Sewing Machine Worker
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