Gunsmiths must have excellent mechanical ability have a background in metalworking and have a sincere interest in firearms. Gunsmiths build clean repair and maintain different types of firearms. There are many kinds of firearms including handguns shotguns and rifles and most gunsmiths specialize in one variety. According to the website gunsmiths are employed by gun manufacturers either in the production or warrantyrepair departments. However some work in sporting goods stores where they advise customers about selecting a weapon. In some instances gunsmiths work in gun shops where they may be asked to modify guns to fit customers' specifications but several gunsmiths are also self-employed. Gunsmiths must be knowledgeable about how to assemble and disassemble guns and how to clean and maintain them. They must be able to troubleshoot guns that are not functioning properly and they are responsible for making the needed repairs so that all they guns they evaluate andor repair are safe. The website says that gunsmiths need a high school diploma and some background in tool and die work but they many attend trade and technical schools to learn about such things as metallurgy and ballistics. These programs may grant diplomas or certificates. Some develop additional expertise by serving in apprenticeships to experienced gunsmiths in the manufacturing industry. The website says that gunsmiths' earnings depend on their experience. Annual salaries can range from approximately $26500 to $60000 depending on their years of experience.

Education Required: High School Diploma and Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $43250
High Salary: $60000
Low Salary: $26500
Tasks: Fixes broken guns.
Ensures that guns function properly and safely.
Designs custom guns.
Builds guns from scratch.
Also Called: Firearm Repairperson
Gun Builder
Gun Shop Worker
Firearms Repair Person
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