Goldsmiths are professionals that work with gold and sometimes other precious metals and gemstones. According to the website goldsmiths often have broad knowledge of the jewelry industry in general. They perform a variety of tasks including creating fitting and repairing jewelry for their customers. To do this they may cast carve polish and engrave gold and other metals as well as set precious stones. They fashion and repair items such as rings bracelets and necklaces. There is some risk involved because they often use chemicals during the course of their work so they must wear special glasses and other protective equipment. Goldsmiths work with expensive materials so there should be a clear understanding about what the customer wants and expects with regard to the design of the metal as well as how any precious stones will be set. For this reason goldsmiths must be capable of communicating as to their customers’ needs and preferences for each piece of jewelry. Becoming a goldsmith takes a considerable amount of training. The website says that that classes and workshops are available that teach the necessary skills. Some who aspire to becoming goldsmiths take pre-apprenticeship courses at community colleges because this often gives provides them with contacts to businesses that will accept them for the apprenticeships that will allow them to get on-the-job training. Such apprenticeships usually last four or five years during which time individuals are paid about 50 percent of what a goldsmith journeyman will earn. It is advisable to become certified in the trade upon completing an apprenticeship because this can be helpful in securing a regular job. According to the website the amount that goldsmiths earn varies considerably depending on experience and employers but the average annual salary is approximately $37000.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $37000
High Salary: $42000
Low Salary: $32000
Tasks: Shapes, creates and repairs gold jewelry.
Uses chemicals to mold and clean gold.
Has knowledge of gemsetting.
Works with gold and other precious stones and metals.
Also Called: Jeweler
Jewelry Designer
Gold Bench Worker
Gold Fabricator
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