Glaziers cut install remove and replace various kinds of glass in both residential and commercial structures. According to the website they not only install and replace window glass but they also work with glass for tables mirrors showers and bathtubs room dividers and other types of panels and displays. In addition they put laminates and film on glass when appropriate to insure it is safe and durable. During the course of their work with glass glaziers not only cut glass but they also insert moldings metal clips or rubber gaskets around any installation. They are careful to plan each job often with the help of computers so they will waste as little glass as possible. Some glaziers also work with marble granite and plastic when these are used instead of glass. To become a glazier individuals usually develop skills with on-the-job training. However there are formal courses at community colleges and technical skills that teach skills in basic mathematics blueprint reading installation techniques and safety in working with sharp tools. Some employers offer apprenticeship programs during which trainees are paid at a reduced rate. Certification can be earned by passing a written exam administered by the National Glass Association. Job growth for glaziers will depend on the residential and nonresidential construction industry. According to the website the amount glaziers earn depends and training and level of skill but on average they are paid slightly over $17 per hour. In general union workers are paid more than non-union workers. Because glaziers often work outside and some do seasonal work for construction companies weather can be a factor in their wages.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Apprenticeship
Avg Salary: $35360
High Salary: $39520
Low Salary: $31200
Tasks: Replaces glass in windows.
Works with various types of glass.
Secures glass with moldings, putty, and other materials.
Cuts glass using glass cutters and a straightedge.
Also Called: Glass Cutter
Glass Installer
Curtainwall Glazier
Industrial Glazier
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