Glass Blower

Glass blowers produce design decorate and finish various kinds of glass that are found in decorative items such as giftware lamp bases stained glass windows tableware and ornaments. They also design glass for mirrors as well as for the glass equipment that is used in scientific laboratories. They may also restore original pieces of glassware. Glass blowers must know how to use the special equipment that is needed for cutting soldering and bending glass as well as fusing it to metal or other materials. There are safety risks with this career because in some cases glass blowers work with molten glass using blowing irons to shape it. Glass blowers must be very detail-oriented when they inspect finished products for any imperfections. This job requires individuals who are in good physical condition because the process by which they create glass sculptures or other items involves blowing air through tubes into the glass. Also they must stand in their studios for long hours to perform their work. The website says that glass blowers need a high school diploma or the equivalent and many take vocational courses in glassblowing especially as it applies to the construction of scientific apparatus. According to the website some glassblowers have degrees in art but on-the-job training and work experience are considered just as adequate for this career. The website reports that glass blowers’ earnings depend on experience location and employer but the average annual salary is approximately $44000.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $44000
High Salary: $48000
Low Salary: $40000
Tasks: Works with molten glass.
Fixes and maintains glass heating instruments.
Gives live demonstrations of glass blowing skills.
Designs, produces and finishes glass decorative pieces.
Also Called: Glass Molder
Glass Artist
Glass Worker
Glass Sculptor
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