Furniture Designer

Furniture designers are people who are creative have an eye for detail know how to use woodworking tools and enjoy planning original furniture styles and selecting the types and colors of the materials to be used. A furniture designer may design a unique piece of furniture or may design furniture that can be produced by small or large manufacturers. Furniture designers may work on existing pieces for the purposes of improvements or they can design entirely new types or pieces of furniture. Not only do they design the concept for furniture but most furniture designers are able to use lathes saws carving tools and sanders to create a wooden frame after which they may have an upholsterer add the backing or cushions to complete the design. According to the website furniture designers do not necessarily have formal design training but most have skills in woodworking including carpentry and cabinet making. Often they use materials other than wood such as plastics bamboo rattan or wicker. There are some apprenticeship programs available both in the United States and in other countries in which aspiring furniture designers can participate. Some furniture designers are self-employed in which case they need to attend to the business aspects of their profession such as accounting marketing or even maintaining showrooms. However many are employed by manufacturing companies and work with a group of furniture designers. According to the website the earnings for furniture designers depend upon the number of clients they have or the size of the company or manufacturer for whom they work. However the average annual salary is approximately $58000.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $58000
High Salary: $68000
Low Salary: $48000
Tasks: Designs furniture for manufacturers.
Plans styles and designs.
Researches current furniture design trends.
Attends workshops on furniture design.
Also Called: Furniture Builder
Interior Decorator
Furniture Decorator
Room Designer
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