Fine Artist

Fine artists create works of art using any number of mediums. They can be painters sculptors photographers illustrators wood carvers or they can specialize in any other artistic area. There is no rule about what materials a fine artist can use to accomplish the image or vision they want to convey. The website says that there are no formal educational requirements for fine artists however a two-year or four-year college education or a degree from an art school can broaden their perspective and specific courses in fine arts can help them to perfect their skills. Fine artists should have a portfolio of their work that they can use to demonstrate their talent to potential employers galleries or customers. Fine artists can find employment in the publishing and advertising industries and some teach art or art history at schools colleges and universities. However the website says that many fine artists are self-employed and work in their own studios creating pieces to exhibit or sell to galleries museums or private collectors. They may also work on pieces that are commissioned by clients to be made according to their specifications. It is not always easy to make a good living as a studio artist so some fine artists have to supplement their incomes with part-time or full-time jobs as art critics or museum curators. However some must find work in unrelated fields. A career in fine art is highly competitive and earnings can vary widely. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( says that the median annual income is approximately $42700.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $42700
High Salary: $62700
Low Salary: $22700
Tasks: Creates art to be exhibited.
Makes use of various artistic materials.
Sells art to collectors or galleries.
Creates unique pieces of art on a commissioned basis.
Also Called: Studio Artist
Creative Artist
Artistic Designer
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