Dietetic Tech

Dietetic technicians work in food service facilities that may be located in schools colleges factories hospitals nursing homes or other health care agencies usually under the supervision of registered dietitians. They often relay communications between professional dieticians and the food service staff in the facility. They are usually in charge of ordering storing and preparing food and they oversee how the food is served. Their responsibilities also include checking to make sure the food meets the specified nutritional and safety guidelines.

This type of work is active and calls for long periods of standing and pressure to work quickly but with precision. The work is usually apportioned in eight-hour shifts but may involve weekends and holidays. Aspiring dietetic technicians should plan to take science courses while still in high school. After high school graduation they can complete a two-year course in dietetics which can be taken at a vocational school or community college. During this two-year program they are usually given opportunities to gain practical work experience in some type of food service facility.

There are no licensing requirements for this job and prospects for employment are good because there will be an increasing number of people living in settings with on-site food service facilities. Are you interested in other careers?

According to the website salaries for dietetic technicians depend upon experience location and employer. However the average is between $21500.00 and $33900.00 per year which usually comes with benefits such as health insurance paid vacations and meals that fall within the hours of work. Some dietetic technicians eventually return to school and earn a bachelor's degree along with an internship after which they can become dieticians.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $27700
High Salary: $33900
Low Salary: $21500
Tasks: Works in nursing homes or other institutions.
Helps dieticians plan menus.
Orders food supplies.
Promotes healthy eating habits.
Also Called: Dieticians
Kitchen Supervisor
Dietetic Food Supervisor
Registered Dietetic Technician
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