A carver works with wood to create artistic wood figures ornaments sculptures or other decorations on furniture. The skill of carving wood dates back many centuries and the first examples of this form of art have been uncovered from 16th century artifacts.

A wood carver uses many types of tools to achieve their final products. Some such tools include carving knives chisels gouges coping saws V-tools veiners and more. They must also utilize equipment to sharpen all of the abovementioned tools so that they all remain sharp and ready to use.

A carver must be knowledgeable about different types of wood and which woods are capable of handling different carving techniques. For example some woods are weaker than others and cannot be carved in intricate manners. Also a carver must know about the grain of the woods they are using and how the design of the carving should be arranged on the wood to best utilize the woods natural pattern.

A wood carver is sometimes called a carpenter but is normally involved with the creative and artistic elements of the final product rather than the actual construction. Carvers may work for construction companies but many are self-employed. Most carvers join the United Brotherhood of Carpenters which is a group consisting of both men and woman dedicated to supporting this profession.

While a formal education is not required for this job there are schools that offer certificates or degrees in wood technology. The single most important requirement for this job is the ability to be creative.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average yearly salary for a carver is $31000 per year however extremely talented carvers can earn significantly more.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $31000
High Salary: $41000
Low Salary: $21000
Tasks: Carves wood to achieve an artistic element.
Uses a variety of tools for carving purposes.
Knowledgeable about different types of woods.
Uses creative talents to achieve desired results.
Also Called: Wood Worker
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