Youth Development Specialist

Youth development specialists work with young people who are at risk of being involved in dangerous situations who may be pressured into trying drugs and who are likely to become pregnant at young ages. The youth they help also tend to live in areas with high crime rates a high level of violence and high poverty rates. The job of youth development specialists is to develop programs for youth that are designed to get them involved in wholesome activities and educational venues that will steer them away from joining gangs and participating in illegal behavior. According to the website youth development specialists are expected to monitor the youth that are enrolled in their programs to ensure they are learning and developing their knowledge and skills as a result of participation. The most prevalent goal of youth development specialists is to educate on topics that are relevant – – such as drugs teenage pregnancy and gang prevention. Because of the youth they serve youth development specialists must be familiar and comfortable with the environments in which they work and also be able to effectively communicate with the youth enrolled in their programs. Most youth development specialists have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a subject area such as psychology social work sociology or another related area. They are responsible for keeping track of the progress made by the youth in their programs and ensuring that their programs are providing healthy guidance and direction into the lives of those they serve. The website reports that the average yearly salary for youth development specialists is $36400.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $36400
High Salary: $42400
Low Salary: $30400
Tasks: Creates programs to help youth develop their well-being.
Educates youth about health issues.
Encourages youth to become productive members of society.
Helps youth make smart and educated decisions.
Also Called: Child Development Specialist
Youth Welfare Specialist
Youth Social Worker
Youth Program Director
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