Victim Services Specialist

When a crime occurs and there is a victim the professionals who step in and help them deal with the trauma associated with the crime are called victim services specialists. Often referred to as “victim’s advocates” victim services specialists ensure that victims of crimes are evaluated and treated by health care professionals and also provided with any necessary counseling. Additionally victim services specialists are responsible for talking with crime victims shortly after the crimes were committed to get information from the victim. They document all of the details provided to them and they prepare documents that may eventually be used at trials. Victim services specialists are considered to be social service agents and they are trained to help people when they are in a vulnerable state. According to the website victim services specialists have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in psychology social work or criminal justice. However many have more advanced degrees – such as a master’s degree in social work. Because victim services specialists work with crime victims shortly after crimes occur they must have compassionate personalities they must be excellent communicators and they must also portray a high level of confidence. Additionally they must serve as advocates for their clients. Victim services specialists are responsible for handling several clients at a time and they often attend trials with their clients when they must either serve as witnesses andor when they want to be present for testimony the verdict and the sentencing of the individual who allegedly committed the crime against them. The website reports that the average salary for victim services specialists is approximately $47000 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $47000
High Salary: $52000
Low Salary: $42000
Tasks: Helps victims of crime cope with the trauma of their situation.
Ensures that victims receive the health care they need.
Prepares documents for case files.
Serves as advocates for crime victims.
Also Called: Victim Assistance Counselor
Victim Services Coordinator
Victim Witness Specialist
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