Systems Analyst

Systems analysts work with computer systems. They are highly knowledgeable about computer languages and codes and they can create operating systems that help computers work more effectively and efficiently. Because so many different computer programs can run on a system at any given time it is the job of a systems analyst to determine how computer systems can run a multitude of programs without interference or memory issues. Sometimes when a computer or a network of computers experiences problems a systems analyst will work to determine where and why a system is having issues and then they will write computer code to try and solve the problem. According to the website a systems analyst may analyze an organization’s computer needs and then recommend the appropriate software that will be compatible with their existing computer system capabilities. The website lists some of the daily tasks of a system analyst as working to completely understand their client’s or employer’s computer systems determining the best solutions for computer system changes or upgrades completing extensive testing on computer systems before making permanent changes overseeing software development and managing the implementation of new systems. Most systems analysts have a minimum of an associate’s degree but many have bachelor’s degrees in computer science or a related field. This professional field is expected to continue growing at a faster than average pace due to the ever-increasing need and desire for computer systems that work quickly securely and effectively. Entry-level systems analysts can earn an annual salary of $25000 but highly experienced systems analysts often earn more than $100000 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $62500
High Salary: $100000
Low Salary: $25000
Tasks: Improves existing computer systems.
Designs computer solutions for businesses.
Knows several computer programming languages.
Works directly with clients to determine their computer system needs.
Also Called: Computer Systems Analyst
Computer Programmer
Software Developer
Computer Systems Designer
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