Network Admin

When two or more computers are programmed to communicate with each other they are considered to be networked together. A network administrator has the responsibility of overseeing a network of computers usually within a company or an organization to ensure that they can effectively communicate with each other for the purpose of sharing information storing databases or transmitting internal or company e-mail messages. According to the website a few of the most common job responsibilities of a network administrator include upgrading hardware and software on network computers troubleshooting problems with a network coming up with solutions to problems working with other members of the IT department to repair network problems and keeping track of all the computers on a network as well as the specific software installed on each one. Additionally some network administrators specialize in network security ways to ensure the integrity of stored data and the prevention of outsiders to hack into a network and obtain private company or customer information. While most employers will hire entry-level network administrators who have associate’s degrees the preferred education is a bachelor’s degree with a major in a field related to information technology. Additionally some employers require that their network administrators have specific certifications. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the median yearly wage for network administrators is approximately $58190 but the salary can go significantly higher for those in managerial positions. The outlook for this profession is significantly high due to the fact that most medium and large organizations need the help of network administrators so that all employees can use computers that are part of the same communication system. Additionally technology changes extremely quickly and network administrators are needed to make constant upgrades to both hardware and software.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $58190
High Salary: $63190
Low Salary: $53190
Tasks: Oversees a computer network.
Customizes a computer network to an individual company's needs.
Troubleshoots problems with network hardware or software.
Keeps a computer network functioning and operating at all times.
Also Called: Network Technician
Network Engineer
Network Manager
Network Systems Administrator
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