Technical Illustrator

Technical illustrators who are sometimes referred to as “graphic designers” produce visual illustrations that can be understood and interpreted by experts in the field as well as lay persons. These illustrations consist of images that are factually accurate and they are often though not always created with pen and ink. Typically technical illustrators design images by hand or using computers. The images they create are highly detailed and it is essential that they have patience and commitment to the utmost accuracy. Technical illustrations are used to convey information about complex things such as aircraft parts but they are also needed to illustrate items used by the general public such as televisions calculators and cameras. According to the website technical illustrators work in the automotive and aircraft industries as well as for all types of manufacturing companies but some work on a freelance basis. They draw charts and graphs and they lay out designs for brochures books industrial reports magazines and newspapers as well as websites. They may also help to design and create logos for items such as business cards and images that will identify a product brand. Much of their job calls for working with advertising professionals photographers and sales managers. The website says that technical illustrators need a high school diploma and preferably a bachelor’s degree with courses in graphic design computer aided design (CAD) and drawing. Some have master’s degrees in fine arts. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the average hourly pay for technical illustrators is approximately $22.48. Annual salaries range from $26100 to $74660.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $50380
High Salary: $74660
Low Salary: $26100
Tasks: Designs graphics.
Prepares visual images.
Produces images by hand or by using computer aided design programs.
Creates images that meet clients' specific needs.
Also Called: Graphic Designer
Technical Artist
Logo Illustrator
Advertising Illustrator
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