Pattern Maker

What was once an extremely time-consuming profession pattern making has become much simpler due to the availability of computer programs. Pattern makers are the professionals who produce the pattern pieces for clothing. The individuals who actually sew or construct the garments use the patterns as guides or “blueprints” of the final product. Pattern makers must adjust their patterns so that different sized clothing can be created to scale. According to the website pattern makers use computer design programs to determine the best layouts of patterns so that the least amount of fabric possible is wasted during the production of the apparel. Some of the typical responsibilities of a pattern maker include working with clothing designers to achieve a desired look having experience working with different types of clothing styles and fabrics ensuring that the created pattern actually produces the desired garment and adjusting the pattern so that budgets can be met and manufacturers can easily mass produce the clothing. The website states that a formal education from a fashion design school is essential for this career. The minimum educational program available is a certificate but most employers prefer that their pattern makers have a two or four year degree. Computer aided design (“CAD”) skills are essential for this profession as well as a high level of fashion design expertise. Apprenticeship programs as well as internships are widely available in this industry. The website reports that the salary range for a pattern maker is $11000 to $150000 per year depending on experience.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $80500
High Salary: $150000
Low Salary: $11000
Tasks: Creates blueprints for clothing patterns.
Minimizes wasted fabric.
Uses computer programs to determine best layout.
Produces patterns for various sizes of clothing.
Also Called: Apparel Designer
Textile Pattern Maker
Clothing Pattern Maker
Dress Maker
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