Computer Graphics Specialist

When the internet became such a popular tool that almost every business in existence decided to have their own website the career opportunities for computer graphics specialists grew dramatically. However computer graphics specialists not only help design websites but they also help companies create memorable logos signs advertising and marketing materials and brochures.

Additionally computer graphics specialists who are also commonly known as graphic artists commonly work on projects such as illustrations for books magazines or other printed materials the layout and design of stationary and the design of a multitude of other types of promotional materials. states that computer graphics specialists need extensive knowledge of computer graphics programs photographic editing software and illustration editing programs. It is common for individuals not familiar with the professional field of computer graphics to believe this is a highly artistic career.

While the field of computer graphics does require a high level of creativity computer graphics specialists are not considered artists because they are more involved with manipulating existing art and designs for the purposes of conveying a marketing message rather than painting drawing or creating the art itself.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the salary range for a computer graphics specialist is between $26110 and $95000. Those earning the highest salaries normally own their own graphic design firms. Additionally a bachelors degree in graphic design is helpful for getting started in this profession.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $60555
High Salary: $95000
Low Salary: $26110
Tasks: Designs the layout for websites.
Creates logos for companies.
Develops advertising and marketing materials.
Helps determine packaging for items sold in stores.
Also Called: Graphic Designer
Graphic Artist
Computer Aided Designer
Website Designer
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