Computer Aided Drafting Tech

Buildings could not be constructed and plans for the development of new products would never be possible without the skills and expertise of computer aided drafting technicians. These technicians are often described as "CADD" drafters.

The term "CADD" stands for "Computer Aided Design and Drafting" and the individuals who use such computer programs prepare computerized drawings for projects that are eventually used as guides for the building of everything from tiny items all the way up to large jumbo jets or skyscrapers.

Drafting is a highly technical profession and involves the ability to pay close attention to detail a high level of mathematical and calculation skills knowledge of different types of building or manufacturing materials (depending on what type of building structure or item is being designed) and the ability to follow very technical instructions.

Once a drafter completes a drawing it is then used by engineers manufacturing companies and construction workers to complete the project. In order to become a professional computer aided drafting technician it's essential to attend a technical school or enroll in a certificate program.

The American Design Drafting Association ("ADDA") offers a certification test but it is not essential to become certified as a drafter. Nonetheless many employers prefer that their employees are certified which means they are trained in nationally recognized drafting practices. Some technicians earn bachelor's degrees which can help them obtain higher-level positions.

According to the salary range for a computer aided drafting technician ranges from $28220 to $59010 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $43615
High Salary: $59010
Low Salary: $28220
Tasks: Uses computers to create drafts and designs.
Pays extreme attention to detail.
Knowledgeable about building or manufacturing materials.
Works with engineers, construction workers, and architects.
Also Called: CAD Technician
CADD Operator
CADD Drafter
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