Traffic Reporter

Traffic reporters help drivers make their commutes as quick and efficient as possible especially during morning and late afternoon rush hours. Most people choose the same highways and major roads on a daily basis and this often results in traffic jams especially when the weather is inclement or when there has been a traffic accident with vehicles blocking the road or highway. The role of traffic reporters is to notify the public when traffic conditions are hazardous so that they know there may be a delay and to suggest alternate routes where the congestion is minimal. Especially in medium and large metropolitan areas traffic reporters usually ride around in helicopters or small airplanes so they can see the flow of traffic. Therefore they must be comfortable with being in the air and in some cases they may actually have to fly the aircraft themselves. Most traffic reporters have a college degree often with a major in journalism. Even after they graduate however they do not generally move into this position immediately. They usually start out working in entry-level positions at radio or television stations. While in this job they learn the ins and outs of traffic reporting and they also familiarize themselves with the geographic area. Traffic reporters must be good at communicating verbally they must be able to perform several tasks at the same time and they must know how to pronounce the names of all streets avenues and highways so that listeners and views know what they are referring to when they make their reports. According to traffic reporters earn annual salaries that range from approximately $25000 to $47500.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $36250
High Salary: $47500
Low Salary: $25000
Tasks: Studies traffic patterns.
Reports on traffic delays and traffic accidents.
Advises drivers on alternative traffic routes when necessary.
Provides live reports via the radio and television.
Also Called: Traffic Monitor
Broadcast Journalist
News Radio Reporter
Traffic Analyst
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