Television News Anchorperson

Television news anchorpersons are the people that host local and national news programs. They often have celebrity status because they are counted on to provide the public with accurate accounts of news stories. They work for local and national television stations where they not only report factual information but also analyze news events. In some instances they interview reliable sources and witnesses to provide relevant commentary. Television news anchor persons work long hours and depending upon their assigned time slot they can work very late at night or very early in the morning. They always arrive at the station several hours before they appear on television in order to practice reading scripts that have been prepared by their producers. On some occasions they report a news story on site rather than from the studio. The website says that television news anchorpersons need a bachelor’s degree with a major such as journalism but courses involving practice in front of a camera are a definite benefit. It is also desirable for aspiring anchorpersons to complete an internship while they are students either during the academic year or the summer. However television news anchorpersons often start out as newspaper reporters before moving to local television stations where they may work in the production department before moving into news reporting. Some eventually work for larger media markets. The website says that earnings for television news anchors depend on factors such as years of experience and size of the media market. Thus the contracts that television news anchorpersons are offered agree to pay salaries ranging from approximately $38000 to $97300 a year although major networks can easily pay well over $100000 annually.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $67650
High Salary: $97300
Low Salary: $38000
Tasks: Reports news.
Reads from a teleprompter and verbally relays information.
Conducts on-air interviews.
Provides editorial commentary.
Also Called: Broadcast Journalist
Television News Host
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