Television Camera Operator

Television camera operators have expertise in complex digital and electronic technology. They are experienced at making video recordings with one or multiple cameras and they combine their technical skills with creativity and skill which are needed to shoot realistic scenes and also to seamlessly combine prior video recorded scenes with live scenes. According to the website television camera operators are employed by television stations and usually work on a crew with one camera operator supervising the others. The supervising camera operator gives instructions on which camera to use and where to place it as well as how the lighting should be adjusted. However television camera operators usually work under the supervision of a director who decides how each scene should look. Shooting in front of a live audience can be stressful because scenes cannot be edited. Talented television camera operators are able to shoot some scenes during rehearsals and dub the pre-recorded scenes into the live production. Highly skilled television camera operators are able to shoot both live broadcasts and live commercials. The web site says that formal degrees are less important for this profession than ability experience and firm knowledge of cameras lenses photography and lighting. Many television camera operators have attended vocational schools film schools or colleges to learn more about television producing. Wages for television camera operators depend on whether they work for large or small stations as well as on the size of the station’s advertising revenue. The median annual salary for this career is approximately $37600 but those with experience can earn as much as $76000. Many television camera operators belong to unions and are able to earn overtime pay and also enjoy benefits such as retirement plans and paid vacations.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $56800
High Salary: $76000
Low Salary: $37600
Tasks: Follows a camera script.
Films live events.
Sets up camera equipment.
Plans camera shots.
Also Called: Cinematographer
News Camera Operator
Broadcast Camera Operator
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