Telephone Operator

Telephone operators work for telephone and communications companies but they can also be employed by hotels hospitals restaurants retail stores and other businesses and organizations. Those employed by telephone companies assist customers with person-to-person and collect calls. They must get accurate information from the customer in order to place the call and they are responsible for keeping track of the information about the call for billing purposes. Telephone operators can also specialize in directory assistance which involves investigating directories for customers who are trying to find a number for a party they want to call. Operators can also specialize in overseas calls. According to the website telephone operators need a high school diploma and they should have courses in speech and business math. In addition they should have good spelling skills. They must be courteous to customers and patient with customer requests. Once hired they are given on-the-job training on how to use telephone equipment how to keep accurate track of calls and how to handle customer service requests. The outlook for this career is limited because nowadays most telephone calls are made by dialing directly and many of the functions of telephone operators were responsible for have now been automated. However telephone operators are needed for directory assistance for placing collect calls or placing calls to be paid for by a third party and for informing customers about the cost of a call they want to make. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median hourly wage for telephone operators is $13.65 which is equivalent to $28392 for those employed full time. Those in unions are paid extra if they work overtime and also have benefits such as paid vacations and sick leave.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $30035
High Salary: $31678
Low Salary: $28392
Tasks: Receives calls from customers.
Greets customers and provides them with assistance.
Transfers calls.
Provides phone numbers and information to customers.
Also Called: Directory Assistance Operator
Switchboard Operator
PBX Operator
Emergency Operator
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