Telecommunications Lineworker

Telecommunications lineworkers are often referred to as “cable line installers” and “telephone line installers.” Many telecommunications systems are connected to a central system with wires and cable lines. A telecommunications lineworker is the person who sets up fixes maintains and oversees the installation of such wiring. Telecommunications lineworkers are responsible for new wiring and they are also responsible for fixing and maintaining existing wiring that may get cut during a construction project or which may malfunction due to age or over-use. They usually work in the field as opposed to working in an office. They often drive or travel in a company truck to a the location needing new or repaired lines and they must often climb to high places such as the tops of transmission poles and towers using a ladder mounted to a truck. Because of the need to be lifted to substantial heights in order to complete installation or repairs to telecommunications lines it is essential that telecommunications lineworkers do not have a fear of heights or a fear of being lifted via a truck-mounted ladder and bucket to accomplish their job. Not all work however is completed at heights. Telecommunications lineworkers also work on lines that are buried underground and lines that exist within a building or residential home. Some telecommunications lineworkers work during regular business hours but others must work or at least be “on call” during off hours nighttime hours holidays and weekends. Lineworkers must be available to assist in the restoration of telecommunications systems that may be damaged during a power outage or during a weather disaster. According to the website telecommunications lineworkers must achieve a minimum of a high school diploma or GED and most of their skills are learned through on-the-job training. Additionally the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that telecommunications lineworkers earn a salary between $31420 and $78780 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $55100
High Salary: $78780
Low Salary: $31420
Tasks: Installs and maintains telecommunications lines.
Troubleshoot problems with lines.
Repair broken and old transmission lines.
Digs trenches or installs poles to carry and/or support lines.
Also Called: Line Installer
Line Repairer
Cableline Installer
Telephone Lineworker
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