Telecommunications Equipment Mechanic

A telecommunications equipment mechanic is responsible for maintaining repairing and fixing telecommunications systems. It is a telecommunications equipment mechanic’s job to ensure the reliability of systems and equipment that are utilized to transmit voice video cable and all other forms of distance communication systems available. Telecommunications systems that are not operational for more than a few minutes can prove to be detrimental to businesses. Therefore the need for reliable and speedy repair service is essential. Because telecommunications equipment can sometimes be located at considerable heights but can also be buried underground a telecommunications equipment mechanic must be comfortable working up high such as on roofs of buildings and on tops of telecommunications poles and also working in areas where trenches must be dug to access equipment and wires. However not all work is completed in precarious locations. Telecommunications equipment mechanics must adhere to strict safety rules and regulations at all times while performing their job duties. They are often confronted with electrical systems and other dangerous wires and equipment and they must follow all safety protocol in order to protect themselves and all others from getting hurt. Because of the frequent need for a telecommunications equipment mechanic at odd hours telecommunications equipment mechanics may be scheduled to work during evening weekend or holiday hours or they may have to work on an “as-needed” basis. The website states that most employers require that their telecommunications equipment mechanics have an associate’s degree in an area related to electronics or communications. Additionally according to the website telecommunications equipment mechanics earn a median annual salary of $52430.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $52430
High Salary: $62430
Low Salary: $42430
Tasks: Installs and repairs telecommunications equipment and systems.
Diagnoses equipment problems.
Updates equipment with new software or parts.
Monitors signal strength on various types of equipment.
Also Called: Telecommunications Service Technician
Broadband Technician
Communications Mechanic
Switch Technician
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