Sports Editor

A sports editor is responsible for writing news and features articles related to sport teams and sports players editing stories written by others and supervising lower-level sports writers reporters and those accountable for writing daily weekly or monthly columns related to sports. They may work for a newspaper a magazine or another type of sports-related publication. They must be extremely knowledgeable about all types of sports and what types of stories would be of interest to readers. Not only are sports editors required to assign articles to other writers but they must also plan how the sports section of a newspaper will look – including the placement of stories and photographs. If a sports editor works for a daily newspaper they will determine the layout of the sports section every single day. Some sports editors work for publications that are distributed on a less-frequent basis but less frequent publications usually publish more in-depth articles – such as magazines. The career of a sports editor is extremely deadline-oriented. Therefore in order to succeed in this profession a sports editor must be able to work well under pressure and must be able to adhere to strict deadlines. Sometimes sports editors are also responsible for organizing and running department meetings answering questions that have been submitted to the publication by readers and managing the entire sports writing department. The website reports that sports editors must obtain a bachelor's degree in a field related to journalism in order to enter this profession. Extensive experience in writing sports-related articles for publications as well as experience writing interviewing and reporting is also required. The Inland Press Association which conducts a yearly survey related to salaries in the newspaper industry reports that sports editors earn salaries ranging from $21000 to $217000 per year. Higher salaries are earned by those who are sports editors for large and regional daily newspapers. Lower salaries are earned by those working for small newspapers with lower circulation numbers.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $119000
High Salary: $217000
Low Salary: $21000
Tasks: Edits the sports section of a newspaper.
Plans the sports section.
Gives assignments to sports writers.
Sets deadlines for assignments.
Also Called: Sports Writer
Sports Reporter
Sports Columnist
Sports Page Editor
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