Sports Announcer

Sports announcers are responsible for verbally relaying the play-by-play details of a sports game as it is occurring live. However not only are they responsible for describing what is going on at all times during a game but they must also interject commentary on the game and on players give statistical information about the game and discuss information about the sport being played in general. For example sports announcers must provide their listening audience with updates on other games going on at the same time and the rankings of all teams in the league. Sometimes they are required to present advertisements and also promote the sponsors of the game or the radiotelevision station that is broadcasting the game. Sports announcers are hired to cover a wide variety of sports games. Most minor or major league games college-level games professional games or any competitive game usually require the help of a sports announcer who can describe the plays to a listening audience. Typically according to sports announcers must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with a major in broadcasting. Many enter this profession by volunteering or interning at a television or radio station where entry-level skills can be learned. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the yearly salary for a sports announcer ranges from $15500 to $75750 per year. However for well-known celebrity sports announcers such as the ones that work for a national sports organization like the National Football League earn a significantly higher yearly salary.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $45625
High Salary: $75750
Low Salary: $15500
Tasks: Discusses live sporting events on radio and television.
Provides detailed descriptions of plays.
Provides in-depth analysis of a sports game.
Specializes in commenting on specific types of sports.
Also Called: Sports Commentator
Sports Analyst
Sports Broadcaster
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