Speech Writer

A person who writes speeches does not necessarily have to be a professional public speaker. The art of writing an excellent speech is very different from the art of presenting a speech to an audience. Many times a public speaker does not write their own speeches they just present pre-written speeches as if they had written the speeches on their own. Speech writers are talented professionals who are able to write speeches for individuals such as politicians members of the clergy presidents of companies and others who are responsible for appearing in public and speaking to an audience. Speech writers are trained to compile facts ideas and opinions into a speech. Writing a speech that will be presented by another person takes a dedication to researching facts obtaining correct and accurate information and interviewing the person who will deliver the speech so that phrases commonly used by the speaker are worked into the speech. Before a speech can be written research on the speech topic must be completed. The next step is to write a first draft of the speech and have the speaker review it. After the first draft is reviewed and edited additional information is sometimes added and the speech writer must continue to edit review revise and re-write the speech until it reads perfectly. The final step is for the speech writer to hand the written speech to the presenter. In order to become a speech writer a bachelor’s degree in the field of English journalism public relations or communications is required. A true knack for compiling information into a document that will be read aloud the ability to phrase ideas clearly and a passion for writing with a clear and articulate manner are essential skills for this profession. The website education-portal.com reports that the average yearly salary for a speech writer is approximately $66400.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $66400
High Salary: $76400
Low Salary: $56400
Tasks: Writes speeches that will be delivered by another person.
Works with others to determine what should be included in a speech.
Conducts research to determine how to convey a specific message.
Considers the audience when drafting a speech.
Also Called: Publicist
Public Relations Writer
Additional Resources: http://www.ehow.com/about_6586558_speech-writer-job-description.html