Recruiting Specialist

Recruiting specialists match those looking for jobs with employers that want to hire people. Typically they work in the human resources departments of companies or corporations where they are in charge of hiring new workers or sometimes promoting workers from within the company. When a job offer is made to a candidate they prepare it in a written form. They are often found in the health care industry or at large colleges and universities where they are responsible for advertising position openings as well as for screening applicants and interviewing those qualified for the job. They may have to travel to locate and interview job applicants. Recruitment specialists also work for the government or for employment agencies where they keep updated files of job openings. They often have to network to insure that a good pool of qualified candidates applies for a job opening. In some cases recruiting specialists work on a freelance basis offering their services to employers looking for certain types of job applicants. Recruiting specialists must be able to communicate orally and in writing and they must be proficient at using the internet. They usually have a bachelor’s degree in human resources business administration or a related subject. Those lacking a four-year degree may be hired if they have several years of experience. The website emphasizes that recruiting specialists must be knowledgeable about the Americans With Disabilities Act equal employment opportunity regulations affirmative action and all other laws affecting employment. They must also be able to describe all details regarding employee benefits for a job position. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics job opportunities for recruiting specialists should grow in the coming years. Annual salaries range from approximately $28400 to $87000 with a median salary of $46000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $57700
High Salary: $87000
Low Salary: $28400
Tasks: Pre-screens job applicants.
Places workers into vacant employment positions.
Checks references.
Explains job expectations to applicants.
Also Called: Human Resources Specialist
Hiring Specialist
Recruiting Administrator
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