Radio Systems Engineer

Radio systems play an important role in the lives of people across the world. Radios provide a means for listeners to obtain news hear radio hosts talk about various topics have access to emergency information related to the weather and other types of disasters and be provided with the transmission of music. The job of a radio systems engineer is to ensure that radio waves are transmitted properly and in the most efficient manner possible. Radio systems engineers are often referred to as “broadcast engineers” or “broadcast operators.” These engineering professionals are involved in designing upgrading and maintaining radio transmission systems and equipment. Radio systems engineers must be knowledgeable in the fields of electrical engineering mechanical engineering and electronics engineering. Some of the typical job responsibilities of a radio systems engineer include estimating the cost to repair radio systems designing new systems and determining the safest possible way to integrate upgrades into current systems. Typical employers of radio systems engineers include radio broadcasting companies branches of the government the military and various types of industries including those related to electronics manufacturing transportation and telecommunications. The educational path to becoming a radio systems engineer includes a bachelor’s degree in the field of electrical engineering. Some choose to obtain a master’s degree in a more specific engineering field which can help with obtaining a higher level job. According to the website radio systems engineers can become certified by the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) but certification is not usually required. The website lists the average yearly salary for a radio systems engineer as $69000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $69000
High Salary: $79000
Low Salary: $59000
Tasks: Updates and repairs radio hardware.
Ensures that broadcasted programs are of high quality.
Installs and tests new equipment.
Ensures that radio signals are not lost.
Also Called: Broadcast Engineer
Broadcast Technician
Radio Systems Technician
Broadcast Operator
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