Radio Hosts and DJ

A DJ is commonly known as a “disc jockey” and a VJ is sometimes called a “video jockey.” These two professions as well as the profession of a radio host are all related to the field of broadcasting. DJs VJs and radio hosts are individuals who select and play music and videos and who provide verbal commentary and programming via the radio or television. All three of these professions are similar to each other and all require the knowledge and expertise of utilizing broadcasting equipment and machinery microphones switchboards and music or video playing systems. In addition to the responsibility of selecting the music and videos that will be played during their work shifts DJs VJs and radio hosts are also usually required to serve as on-air personalities. They must relay news stories give updates on the weather and conduct on-air interviews with studio guests. The website states that DJs VJs and radio hosts must be willing to talk with listeners who call into their shows for the purpose of either requesting that specific music or videos be played or for commenting on the show’s discussion topic. Normally DJs VJs and radio hosts have pleasant sounding and memorable voices and excellent public speaking skills. The website also states that DJs VJs and radio hosts must also be poised friendly and fun. Most DJs VJs and radio hosts have a minimum of an associate’s degree in the field of broadcasting journalism or communication but many have bachelor’s degrees. According to DJs VJs and radio hosts earn a yearly salary between $28000 and $64000 per year. However those who are well established in their careers extremely popular and well-known can earn several hundred thousand dollars per year depending on their employer and the size of their listener base.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $46000
High Salary: $64000
Low Salary: $28000
Tasks: Reports news, weather and traffic.
Chooses music to be played on the radio.
Has in-depth knowledge of the music genre played on the station for which they work.
Provides tidbits of information and trivia to listeners.
Also Called: Radio Presenter
Radio Newsreader
Radio Personality
Radio Announcer
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